SAP Ultra IBE (Ignition Battery Eliminator) and Ignition Kill Switch


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Product Description

Safely get rid of your ignition battery, save weight, gain more control and increase safety.

The SAP Ultra IBE has superior capacitor AND opto-isolating filtering to anything else on the market!

You can use ANY battery chemistry and voltage you wish on your RX thanks to the on-board, true voltage regulator.

Our IBE has an LED so you can easily see if your ignition is on or off and works with virtually any electronic ignition system

Simply plug in to one of your RX channels and use as an on/off switch.

The SAP Ultra IBE is designed and assembled in the USA and you can be assured of the quality and workmanship

Please Note: Our Ultra IBE regulates voltage to the Ignition only.

Your RX Voltage is unaffected by our Ultra IBE.

  • Performance – Lose another 4 ounces of weight
  • Convenience – Charge only one battery and maintain only one battery
  • Safety – Engine shuts down if your RX shuts down
  • Control – Shut your ignition off from your TX
  • Display – Remote LED easily shows if your Ignition is “hot or not”
  • Easy – Installs in a few minutes
  • Proven – Works with A123, LiPo, LiIon, NiMh, NiCads of any voltages
  • Cost Effective – Costs less than a LithiumBattery, Voltage Regulator, and Switch
  • Simplifies Wiring – Reduces component count, saves space and makes wiring easier and cleaner


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